Predator Wristblade and Computer Gauntlets For Sale

The Monster Lab is proud to announce the availability of the wristblade and computer gauntlets that I built for my Predator costume, presented at CONvergence 2010 in the Masquerade.

My Predator suit showing both gauntlets

The wristblade gauntlet features moving blades that extend and retract with the push of a switch. The computer gauntlet features a flip-open lid that reveals a numeric countdown display. I used both of these gauntlets in my performance at the Masquerade, and the blade extension drew some oohs and aahs from the audience. Here's one video of my performance on YouTube, and here's a backstage bootleg video.

I am now offering these gauntlets for sale. The full wristblade gauntlet, including all of the animatronics, is $280. The full computer gauntlet, including the LED countdown display on the lower window, is $350. Other options are available; see below.

Prices do not include shipping.

Wristblade Gauntlet

The wristblade gauntlet is powered by a low-voltage motor driving the blades back and forth along a track internal to the gauntlet. The original design used components from two CD-ROM drive eject mechanisms, but I've revised the design for more reliability in the build process. The motor is powered by two 1.5 volt "C" size batteries. The battery holder for these will be mounted separately from the gauntlet, in case you want to hide the batteries. The switch is a momentary-contact double-throw switch. In one direction, it will extend the blades; in the other direction, it will retract the blades.

Here's a video of my original design where I explain what's on the inside.

Note that the wristblades are particularly effective against Alien chestbursters:

Chestburster being skewered

The blades themselves are 16 inches long when fully extended from the gauntlet. When retracted, they still extend about 8.5 inches from the gauntlet. These are blades to be reckoned with! Here are two pictures of the unfinished gauntlets for comparison:

retracted extended

Plastic parts are cast in Smooth-Cast 300 or Smooth-Cast 325 urethane plastic. They will be delivered unpainted, but sprayed in the gray primer as shown here. (The primer coat makes it easier for your own paint to stick. The primer I'm using is recommended by Smooth-On, since other primers or paints have problems sticking to urethane plastic.)

Computer Gauntlet

The left gauntlet contains an LED timer countdown using the digits from the Yautja language. (Thanks to Predator: The Hunted for providing background information and the font.) There are four numeric digits, each consisting of nine LEDs. Here's a picture of it in action:

Left gauntlet with digits lit up

The digits are driven by an Arduino microcontroller driving a MAX7219 matrix display driver. The board will be programmed with the code, so all you will need to do is find a power source. If you wish to add more blinking lights or features, there are several outputs remaining on the Arduino board where you can add wiring to LEDs.

Left gauntlet closed

In this picture, I have four additional blue LEDs built into the top cover. (Note that this is my custom add-on, and that I'm not planning to add this to customer orders. I'm willing to consider custom work for an extra charge.)

I will provide the source code for the Arduino display module so you can make any additions or changes to the countdown logic. If you're into hacking and building electronic stuff, this is right up your alley.


Wristblade Mechanism Only

If you have your own wristblade gauntlets and want me to build a wristblade mechanism, I can do that at a cost of $160. I will need to know some dimensions such as the height, length, and width of the cavity inside your wristblade gauntlet, as well as the distance that the blades are spaced apart.

Countdown Timer Only

If you have your own computer gauntlet already and want to add one of these countdown timers, the cost is $230. I will need to know how far the digits will be spaced apart, and I'll also need to work with you to figure out where the Arduino controller board will be located.


To order, email me at tam at (yeah, I know the spammers will still get my address). Or, send me a private message on The Hunter's Lair.

I will charge 50% of the amount as a deposit so I can begin casting. (This is to make sure I don't start building something and then don't have anyone to send it to.) When the gauntlets are finished, I will email you and charge the remaining 50%, plus the shipping amount. Shipping will be done either by USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Ground unless you request otherwise. Note that the wristblade gauntlet package gets long and may incur an extra charge. Like I mentioned, the blades are to be reckoned with!